W.J.Alcock has been associated with Red Devil for the last 10 years. They set standards for High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces. Their products include Furnace, Controls and pump. Well known, for its highly traditional and efficient performance. W.J.Alcock has supplied the RD Vacuum Furnace to many discerning customers in India.
We have been associated with Metronex for over 15 years, till the instability in Poland at the end of the last century .Many Metronex instruments sold by us are still in use in the top grade laboratories of India.
National Instruments, USA
Well known name in virtual instrumentation , and Alcock is using their technology in the field of Furnace Temperature control , Data logging , Shock and Vibration measurement and also simulating conditions to conduct virtual experiment in the laboratory where much effort time and resources can be saved and best result obtained.
Barry controls, USA
We have sold many of their shock and vibration mounts to most sophisticated applications like Air Borne or Rocket borne applications as also for Engine Bearing of Helicopters and Ajit fighter aircraft .
KOVO, Praha Czechoslovakia
We as their agents have sold many precision meters like Gauss Meters, Transformer Ratio Test Meters, Radio Frequency Ammeters, Optical Pyrometers etc . manufactured by Metra factory of the Czech republic . Similarly we have also sold many World renowned Tesla brand instruments like Terra ohmmeter, Nano voltmeters, Sort Circuit Testers etc.
We import from China very high quality Electrical Measuring Instruments ( Same as Fluke Corporation of USA) which are manufactured according to Fluke's specifications and Standars for selling in Indian Market , but at a comparatively lower cost than Fluke products.
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