Heat Treatment   -

Normalizing Furnace

Normalising is a type of heat treatment which every factory needs. Normalizing is a technique used to provide uniformity in grain size and composition throughout an alloy. The term is often used for ferrous alloys that have been heated above the upper critical temperature and then cooled in open air. Normalizing not only produces pearlite, but also bainite and sometimes martensite, which gives harder and stronger steel, but with less ductility for the same composition than full annealing.

Aluminum Melting Holding Furnaces

This furnace is needed for foundries where aluminium casting is done.

Vertical Shaft Type Tempering Furnace

These furnaces are used for heat treatment of small components kept in a wire basket where temperature uniformity is obtained by the flow of hot air from a fan thus ensuring same temperature even to the farthest component from the heating elements.

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